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How do we teach proper behaviors?

Every classroom at Rooney Ranch has a posted copy of the Rooney R.O.A.R.s.  It provides examples of how students can Reach high, Open your mind, Accept responsibility, and Respect others in various places around the school.  Teachers spend time going over the ROARs during the first part of the year and revisit them as needed throughout the remainder of the year.

Because Rooney Ranch is a PBIS school, our students receive the same general expectations for behavior from the first day of kindergarten through the last day of sixth grade.  Even though the specific behaviors may vary, every student will understand expectations like, “Be patient while others are thinking, speaking and working.” –Rooney ROAR for the classroom under Respect others

We also teach the Second Step and Steps to Respect curriculum.  Second Step is a social-emotional teaching program that we use in every classroom of our school and is taught throughout the Jefferson County School District.  Our teachers have Second Step kits in their classrooms that provide them with interactive teaching lessons that cover:  Empathy, emotional management, emotional recognition, problem solving, impulse control, communication and assertiveness.

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Additionally, by using positive behavior management in the classrooms, our teachers are modeling social skills, proper conflict management and empathy.  These are universal social skills our students will utilize their wholes lives no matter what they do.  Students are continually learning how to properly interact with one another by the modeled behavior their teachers are using to interact with them.    


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