What is "Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support" (PBIS)?

    PBIS is the systemic process of managing student behavior at Rooney Ranch. We believe that by teaching, acknowledging, and rewarding positive behavior, we will increase the likelihood that behavior will be repeated. We believe catching a child doing the right thing, and positively acknowledging it, is more powerful than telling students over and over to “just stop it!”        

How does this look in the classroom?

    Rather than telling a kindergarten boy to take his hands off the shoulders of the student in front of him in line, the teacher will notice someone who is standing correctly in line and announce the proper behavior to the other students. “I really like the way Noah is keeping his hands to himself in line.”

    Rather than telling a third grade student again, to take her book out for math class, the teacher will notice a student who has the correct supplies and announce the proper behavior to the other students. “If you are not sure what you should have out right now, look at Sofia.  She has everything she needs and is ready to go.”


How do we teach proper behaviors?

How do we acknowledge proper behavior?

How do we reward proper behavior?
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